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Palletizers in Montréal

Are you still piling up your bags by hand on pallets? Do your employees complain of backaches or maybe it’s the CSST who’s on your back? No problem! At Delisle, we have the solution: VERBRUGGEN! Don’t buy into the competition’s expensive and delicate robotic systems that seem to break down at nothing. Don’t believe their production and return investment numbers. Their solutions are two to three times more expensive, their guarantees are very limited and their follow-up robotics service will cost you more per hour than a lawyer’s hourly rate!

VERBRUGGEN Emmeloord B.V. is a high quality palletizer maker who delivers a complete and integrated, easy to use solution which is simple to program yourself. All you need is simple basic training, not a PHD in robotics! A complete 1 year guarantee covering parts and labor is included with each VERBRUGGEN system. In the few years after VERBRUGGEN decided to open the market here, 100 systems are in operation in North America.

Contact one of our representatives- technicians for more information and please come by and visit one of our installations for a quote.


The popular NEWLONG NP-7A portable sewing machine: very robust

Bagging scales
The most widely sold bagging scale: the CHANTLAND 4300 is made in the USA

If the sewing head on your automatic station needs to be replaced, install an EMPRESS 100 from FISCHBEIN

Does your back ache or have you got the CSST on your back? Leave it to one of our palletizers